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    Features & Benefits :
    Unsurpassed Permeance Characteristics
    Longevity and Strength
    Exceptional Tear and Puncture Resistanceb
    Easy, Reliable Installation
    Available Nationwide
    Life of the Building Warranty
    Local Support

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier is made with our proven trade secret blend of prime virgin
resins and additives. Stego Wrap 15-MIL Vapor Barrier is an ASTM E1745 Class A Vapor Barrier (Below 0.01 perms).
We focus on producing a product that will maintain its extremely low permeance. The protection of Stego
Wrap Vapor Barrier provides the flexibility to change flooring types and overall building use without worrying
about below-slab moisture vapor.

Stego also offers the accessories needed for an ASTM E1643-compliant installation,
which have been engineered for our Stego Wrap line: Stego Tape, Stego Mastic, Stego Crete Claw Tape ,
StegoTack Tape and Stego Term Bar. Using these products enables an efficient installation, saving time
and resources while maintaining the integrity of the vapor barrier system.

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    Stego® Tape

    This adhesive is pressure- sensitive, making it ideal for sealing Stego Wrap seams and penetrations.

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    Stego® Mastic

    A liquid vapor retardant membrane, designed to be used with Stego Wrap, for sealing utility and pipe penetrations.

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    StegoTack® Tape

    A double-sided adhesive strip used to bond and seal Stego Wrap to concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and other surfaces.

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    Stego® Crete Claw® Tape

    A multi-layered tape/detail strip that will mechanically seal Stego Wrap to concrete.

Stego`s Full Line of
Engineered Accessory Products